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Strathmore Extractives Industry Centre (SEIC) is an autonomous research Centre based at the Strathmore University School of Law. Strathmore Law School (SLS) is one of the constituent schools of Strathmore University (SU), a leading non-profit university in Kenya. Strathmore was the first multiracial and multi-religious educational institution in Eastern Africa. It holds a peerless reputation for quality in academic and professional education as well as personal formation.


Since its creation in 2014, SEIC seeks to bridge theory and practice in Kenya’s (and the broader East Africa region) extractive sector and support constructive dialogue and collaboration among companies, relevant agencies of government, civil society, and local communities through its key activity of action research. SEIC believes that research-led co-operation among these varied stakeholders will lead to knowledge promotion of the industry and constructive dialogue on the motivations and objectives of the various economic forces, agents and policy makers that operate in or influence the performance of the extractive sector. As such, SEIC seeks to produce empirically grounded qualitative and quantitative research that leads to publications, roundtable discussions, conferences, short courses and other outcomes which may influence law, policy and discourse on key political, governance and socio-economic issues surrounding extractive activities.


SEIC has conducted multiple impact assessments of the oil and gas industry on socio-economic opportunities and gaps for various stakeholders from oil companies to government. In addition to its research, policy and advocacy work, SEIC also provides training in the extractives industry on various topics. In this case, SEIC provides training and capacity building to a range of stakeholders, particularly young Kenyan professionals, to enhance their ability to utilize and benefit from the extractives sector and to stimulate sustainable economic growth.


SEIC recently retained the Extractives Baraza (EB) an advocacy neutral public interest online platform that promotes transparency and evidence based stakeholder dialogue on the extractives sector in Kenya. The Extractives Baraza’s ultimate goal is to enhance citizen participation and engagement in the governance of Kenya’s extractive sector. The EB has honed its skills in conducting dialogues and moderating forums.  For more information, please visit


SEIC together with the EB aims to bridge the gap between state and non-state actors by acting as a neutral go between within the various industry players. SEIC achieves this role as a neutral umpire with the sole purpose of developing inclusive and sustainable solutions and frameworks in the extractive industry. SEIC’s neutrality allows free and unbiased engagement with the industry stakeholders.


SEIC is affiliated to the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators through Strathmore law student AIPN Club, student members have been sponsored by SEIC, have formed a Kenyan chapter. Such collaborations and alliances pivot Strathmore University’s position and place it higher, as compared to its peers, in Kenya. SEIC staff members also sit on the Education Advisory Board of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators.


Finally, SEIC is already known for its works. It has organized conferences and stakeholder meetings aimed at training and capacity building. Currently, it is involved in research on matters Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Investment. Through such research, mineral right holders, International Oil Companies and other stakeholders will learn on how to invest in the societies affected by mining activities responsibly. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Oil Corporation of Kenya, the Aga Khan University, the International Commission of Jurists, among others and is looking forward to partner with other entities in ways that can foster growth in the Extractives Industry in Kenya. It has developed and is running an undergraduate course on oil and gas law and intends to roll out a mining course for undergraduates at the Strathmore Law School, thus assisting to produce practitioners well equipped with knowledge that suits them in their endeavors to fit in the nascent oil and gas market. All these factors have created a buzz and established SEIC as a place for spurring and initiating learning, dialogue and debate on key issues in the extractives industry.

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