International Conference on the Role of Academia in East Africa's Extractive Sector

Feb 16, 2016

Through this conference, SEIC seeks to bring together industry, academia and relevant stakeholders nationally and regionally to explore how the oil and gas industry can form partnerships with academia and compliment its role within the industry. In brief, the specific aims of the conference are as follows:


  1. Identify academia’s role in the oil & gas sector.
  2. To increase Academia’s presence in the industry.
  3. To gain the industry’s support and collaboration for Academia’s complimenting role within the industry.
  4. To build capacity of educational structures around the oil and gas industry both nationally and regionally.
  5. To increase companies operational efficiency through training of its local workforce.
  6. Increase joint research between Academia and industry: The joint research venture can be successful only by proper project preparation and implementation.



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